Sample Rental Agreement
Actual Rental Agreement will be in Farmhouse upon check-in.

Check-In Procedure: Upon arrival, please complete, sign, and place Rental Agreement in metal lock box on fence beside driveway.  If paying with cash, please notify Frog Holler representative so we can immediately pick it up. Please place entire agreement in box.  There is a duplicate in the information booklet in your cabin for reference.

Check-Out Procedure:  Check out is by 11:00 am.  Place dishwasher safe dishes, cookware, and utensils in dishwasher and start.  Place BAGGED trash in outside receptacle.  Place key back in key safe using code you were provided upon check-in.  Lock all doors and windows upon your departure.  

In consideration of the monies received and mutual promises, contained herein, the Owner of the subject property, through Frog Holler Cabins, Inc. hereinafter ”Agent”, does hereby lease and rent to Tenant the certain property described herein and under the following terms and conditions.  Unit information, rental rate and other financial data is set forth on this lease. Frog Holler Cabins reserves the right to deny occupancy to any of our cabins to anyone at any time.

1. ADVANCE RENT PAYMENT.  The amount specified as the advance payment sum set forth herein, which includes one-half (1/2) of the gross rental rate must be paid prior to check-in  This signed lease agreement must be signed upon check-in and placed in lockbox beside cabin.  This agreement shall not be binding unless and until the Agent has received the amount specified and all checks have cleared the bank.

2. BALANCE DUE, including taxes, any handling fee, security deposit and any and all fees for goods or services as shown, must be received by Frog Holler Cabins upon arrival and may be paid by personal check, money order, cashier’s check or accepted credit card. A $25.00 handling fee will be charged for all returned checks.  ALL RESERVATIONS MUST BE PAID IN FULL AT CHECK IN.


4. TAXES as required by North Carolina include the collection of 7% Sales and Use Tax on all fees for goods and services charged to Tenant. Taxes are subject to change.

5. CANCELLATIONS/TRANSFERS must be in writing and received by Agent.  Cancellations made 30 days or more before the scheduled arrival will receive a full refund, less a processing fee.  Cancellations made 29 days to 4 days before scheduled arrival will receive a 50% refund of the deposit, less processing fee.  Cancellations made within 3 days prior to arrival will receive no refund of the deposit.  CANCELLATONS MADE ON DAY OF ARRIVAL WILL BE CHARGED FULL AMOUNT OF RESERVED STAY, PLUS TAX.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  No refunds for early departure. 

6. TERMINATION.  If the Tenant or any member of his party violates any of the terms of this agreement, the Agent may, at the Agent’s sole discretion, terminate this lease with no refund of the used portions of the rents unless the property is able to be re-rented, and may enter the premises and remove Tenant, the members of his party and their belongings.  Tenant is notified that they will be subject to an expedited eviction procedure pursuant to the ”Vacation Rental Act”.

7. ALL RENTALS ARE TO FAMILIES AND RESPONSIBLE ADULTS ONLY.  All tenants must be 21 years of age or older unless accompanied by parent or legal guardian.  Absolutely no alcohol consumption by minors is allowed on property.  No high school, college or civic groups, chaperoned or not, are permitted.    Adults may not rent cabins for minors.  Violation is grounds for immediate termination.  Properties are patrolled on a regular basis.  Tenant acknowledges that he/she will personally occupy the property for the entire rental period and will not sublet any portion   of the property.  Occupancy restricted to the maximum occupancy of six people and three cars, unless otherwise approved by Frog Holler Cabins. Violation of any of these terms shall give right to termination.  Tenant agrees that the premises shall not be used for any illegal or unlawful purpose.  FARMHOUSE IS NOT CHILDPROOF!  No one under 21 should ever be in Farmhouse alone and must be supervised at all times.    Occupancy and use of the premises and common areas in such a fashion that disturbs or offends neighbors shall be deemed grounds for removal.  We want you to have an enjoyable vacation, but you must respect the rights of our neighbors.

8. CHECK IN is any time after 3:00 P. M. on the arrival date.

9. CHECK OUT on the date of departure will be by 11:00 A. M.

10.  FURNISHINGS.  All properties are equipped and furnished to the Agent’s taste and are set up for light housekeeping.  Bed and bath linens are provided. Towels and washcloths are supplied for one each per day, per person. Do not launder Frog Holler linens.  

11. APPLIANCE MALFUNCTIONS or service requests for air conditioning, televisions, hot tubs, appliances etc., will be responded to as quickly as possible.  There are no rebates or refunds issued to Tenants for any reason as every good faith effort is made to insure the property is maintained to highest standards.

12. CARE OF PROPERTY.  Tenant is expected to care for the property as if it were their own.  Tenants are notified that the North Carolina ”Vacation Rental Act” provides certain obligations on the Tenant regarding care and use of the property and Tenant agrees to be bound and responsible for the provisions contained therein.  In addition, Tenant acknowledges that unless Agent is notified on day of check-in of any damage or cleaning concerns, then thereafter, all damages or concerns to the property during the occupancy will be Tenants responsibility and must be reported to AGENT and paid prior to departure.  Rearranging of furniture is not permitted.  Tenant must leave the property in a clean condition to include the following: All trash removed from the house.  Dishwasher safe dishes, cookware, and utensils placed in dishwasher and turned on upon departure.  Place key back in key safe using code provided upon check-in.  Doors locked, and windows closed, Lost keys will result in replacement of all locks/hardware  charged to the credit card used for booking the reservation.  Lost FOB will result in $50 charge to credit card used for booking.  All breakage should be reported to the Agent.  In the event of damages or extreme cleaning requirements, additional charges will be applied.  Call for clarification.

13. TELEPHONE is provided.  Tenant may make unlimited local and long distance calls within the United States.  

14. FIREWORKS are prohibited on property.

15. WATER is a limited resource and should be treated as such.  We have a private well, so water should be minimally used.  If used, make sure to turn off outside spigots immediately after using.  Failure to comply could cause serious damage to pump and repairs will be charged to tenant.

16. INCLEMENT WEATHER.  It’s always a possibility.  Tenant agrees to comply with Agent and any advisory statement from any local emergency authorities.

17. LOCKED AREAS for which Tenant is not provided a key, such as Agent’s barn and crawlspace of house, are exempt from this lease agreement and are off limits to the Tenant.  Forced entry into these areas is cause for immediate removal from property and Tenant will be charged for damage and/or missing items.

18. IN THE EVENT that the Agent is unable to deliver said property to Tenant under this lease agreement prior to occupancy because of fire, eminent domain, act of nature, double booking, delay in construction or any other reason whatsoever, Tenant hereby agrees that Agent’s and Owner’s sole liability as a result of these conditions is a full refund of all consideration previously tendered by Tenant.  Pursuant to the terms of this agreement, Tenant expressly acknowledges that in no event shall Agent or Owner be held liable for any consequential or secondary damages, including but not limited to, any expenses incurred as a result of moving for any damage, destruction or loss.

19. TRANSFER OF PROPERTY.  Should the present Owner transfer title to the real property, which is subject to this lease, the Owner is obligated to disclose to the Grantee certain information regarding existing leases.  For rentals which end more than one hundred eighty (180) days after such recording of the interest to Owner’s successor in interest, the successor in interest will not be bound for any rents which end more that one hundred eight (180) days after such recording unless they agree to be bound in writing.  If such successor in interest does not agree to be bound in writing, you will be notified in writing and will receive a refund of any payments made by you.

20. LOST, STOLEN OR ABANDONED ARTICLES.  Keep doors locked while away from farmhouse.  Neither Agent nor Owner shall have any responsibility for lost, stolen or abandoned items.  There will be a $25.00 fee, plus shipping, for any returned items.

21.  USE OF FIRE PIT.  Fires can only be made when the area is not under any type of burning ban and conditions are not too windy.  Please check with Frog Holler to determine in fires can be made.  Frog Holler will provide firewood for the fire pit, but Tenant is responsible for making and extinguishing all fires.  Any fire made must be completely extinguished before retiring for the evening.  A water spigot is close by, but must be turned off after using. Also, hose must be unscrewed from spigot when temperatures are below freezing.  In case of freezing temperatures, guest will instead use water from house to extinguish fire.

22.  USE OF HOT TUB. Tenant agrees to follow all guidelines pursuant to hot tub manufacturer which are displayed on and around the hot tub.  Warning is as follows:  “During pregnancy, soaking in hot water may cause damage to the fetus.  Limit use to 15 minutes at a time.  PREVENT DROWNING:  Spa heat speeds up effects of alcohol, drugs, or medicine and can cause unconsciousness.  Immediately leave spa if uncomfortable or sleepy.  PREVENT CHILD DROWNING.  Water attracts children. Never leave children unattended. Always attach a spa cover after each use.  Maximum occupancy of hot tub is six.  DO NOT SIT ON COVER!  IT IS NOT STURDY ENOUGH AND WILL BREAK RESULTING IN A $450 FEE CHARGED TO TENANT TO REPLACE IT!  DO NOT TURN OFF HOT TUB!  This results in loss of income from following tenants and may result in the cost of an additional night stay being charged to the tenant responsible for turning it off.  Also, no pets are allowed in hot tub.

23.  USE OF PROPERTY.  The Frog Holler Farmhouse is located on Pleasant Ridge Road.  Tenant agrees to use extreme caution when on property.  Frog Holler Cabins and/or LHF Properties LLC are not responsible for any accident or injury that any tenant may sustain as a result of his/her stay on our property.  By and through the tenant’s signature below, the tenant hereby agrees to release both Frog Holler Cabins and LHF Properties LLC and their respective owners, employees, or agents from and all liability whatsoever for any claim for personal injury, damage, or otherwise arising from or in any manner related to his/her stay on our property.  Fires can only be made when the area is not under any type of burning ban or subject to windy conditions.  Simply call to see if fires are permitted.

24.  USE OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES.  Consumption of alcoholic beverages by adults of legal drinking age is permitted, as long as Tenants behave in a responsible manner as not to annoy neighbors or put them or themselves in harm’s way.  If underage drinking is discovered, Tenant will be removed from property and forfeit any monies paid for remainder of stay.

25. INDEMNITY.  The Tenant agrees to release and indemnify Agent from and against all liability, should anyone be injured upon the premises during the term of the lease, resulting form any cause whatsoever.  Tenant also agrees to release and indemnify Agent from and against all liability, should damage to vehicles or injury occur from falling tree limbs. Furthermore, Tenant agrees to release and indemnify Agent from and against all liability resulting from issues related to flea, tick, insect, parasite, rodent, reptile, and/or animal bites, whatsoever, in the house and anywhere on the property, including any residual effects of such bites indefinitely.

26. ACKNOWLEDGMENT.  Tenant acknowledges they have reviewed and understand the terms of this lease and agree to be bound thereby.  

27.  INSPECTION OF PROPERTY.  Agent reserves the right to inspect the property during your stay. Further, you agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the community and refrain from any activity which interferes with the quiet enjoyment of its residents.

28. CABLE TV.  Basic cable is provided.  However, guests are not allowed to charge movie rentals to our cable account.  A password has been used to prevent this from occurring.  If Tenant hacks into account, the credit card provided for deposit will be charged for each rental.  A DVD player is provided.   

29.  WEAPONS: Absolutely no weapon of any kind is allowed.

30.  ILLEGAL DRUGS.  Absolutely no illegal drugs are allowed on property.

31.  LOCAL FIRE CODES.   Local fire codes prohibit exceeding maximum occupancy of eight people.  Failure to comply will result in immediate removal of tenant and guests from property with no refunds given.

32.  PET POLICY:  Absolutely no pets are allowed in The Farmhouse at any time.

Tenant Name: _______________________________________________________________

Arrival/Departure Date:  ___________________________ # of Nights Reserved ______

Rental Rate:  _____________________Shuttle ________Wine Tour: _______ Pet: _____

Massage: ________ Taxes: ______ Deposit: ________ Amount Due: _______________

Signee authorizes Frog Holler Cabins to charge remaining amount due - or any theft or loss - to one of the following cards.  (circle one)  
Discover       Visa          MasterCard         Amex      Same Credit Card used for Deposit

Account#______________________________    Exp. date_________  V-Code _______ 
Tenant Signature: ______________________________________ Date:______________

(Tenant and guests must be 21 years of age.   Guests under 21 are allowed with parent or legal guardian only.)

Names and Ages of Tenant and Guests                      
______________________________________      ____________________________________
______________________________________      _____________________________________
______________________________________      _____________________________________
______________________________________      _____________________________________

Billing Address for Credit Card (if different from card used for deposit)______________________
City  _______________________  State/Zip Code  ____________________________________
Phone Number _________________________________________________________________
Frog Holler Rep_______________________________________    Date: __________________